Located in a hidden studio on Canal street, the group show, “New New” opened this week, with work by artists Gogy Esparza, Maggie Lee and Peter Sutherland. The collective creations work to interpret momentary experience and what it means to truly exist in the present.

Within the context of urbanity, the trios multidisciplinary works question everything from impermanence, to gallery structure, to sound in space. Patrons are encouraged to poke, touch even lick Gogy Esparza's very temporal ice sculptures — the pink baby Timberland booties are incased in cubes of ice, mounted on mirrored columns, suggesting the transitory phase of childhood, reduced to an equally impermanent object.

Peter Sutherland's geodes leave one side free of artistic meddling, while the opposing face is painted with snapshots of Americana: notably, a sign that reads "Sutherlands" above a snowy midwestern scene — on another, an alien Pharaoh presides over some Mentos.

Maggie Lee created a window installation that speaks to feminine youth, reminiscent of mediums and imagery that young girls often channel when they first begin with creative activity. As she peppered the gallery floor with poppers, it added a noisy and bizarre momentary aspect to the viewing experience. With the opening this past Wednesday taking place on a gloomy, rainy night, this was only amplified by the sweaty, damp crowd in attendance — the support was a fun, palpable addition.

“New New”, 175 Canal Street, 5th Floor. Exhibition until April 18th, 2014.