It’s the final countown until the 2014 Allday photo show "Milk & Oysters" opens and we’ve gotten to know some extremely talented photographers. Miyako Bellizzi captures the essence of the city’s youthfulness and brings a mysterious, compelling perspective to the landscape of New York photography. Miyako's debut as a photographer is tied to Allday's debut as a creative agency, so we wanted to showcase her work in a format that celebrates both of us.

Miyako’s connection to Allday comes full circle from her first meeting in 2009. She was introduced through her friend (and Allday contributor) Brandee Brown, who is also the subject of her photo in “Milk & Oysters.” The image is one that speaks to universal feelings of city life, namely being “young, carefree and unsure” of where life takes you. The feeling of “loneliness and being lost in the big city” are ones that echo throughout New York, bringing people together over in respite of isolation.

Having an artistic medium has clearly served as a guiding light for Miyako, who has enough upcoming projects to keep her impressive path thus far. From making zines for the LA Art Book Fair to a show at Miami Art Basel, Miyako’s artistic ability doesn’t end there. She lends her pursuits to her other venture, a dice jewelry line she plans to launch very soon.