Suze Webb and her crew from Mixpak recently went down to Jamaica for a week of recording. She shares some pictures from the trip here — a riot of colors in a mix of people and places.

Can you tell us a little about your trip?

Suze: Dre Skull, Tony Lowe and I went down to Jamaica for a week to record and shoot with some of the artists on Mixpak, and make some fresh connections too. We stayed up in a beautiful hilly part of Kingston, but we were working in a number of different studios all over, many of which are pretty legendary places—we visited Big Yard (Shaggy’s studio), Anchor, Tuff Gong, UIM, Gargamel (Buju Banton’s place) and Seanizzle’s place. It was a wild ride — we laid down tracks with Spice, QQ, Beenie Man and Popcaan in just a few days (or a few very late nights). It was amazing watching them work, each vocalist is so different in terms of their creative process and there’s so much talent for songwriting. It wasn’t all just work though; one night we ended up at Cecile’s birthday party with Popcaan and his crew, another night Dre presented an award at a music awards show where we got table service KFC, and one night we spent pulling gunfingers to Barbra Streisand tunes at Rae Town Sundays — a street dance that’s been running for over thirty years. Then in the daytime when we weren’t recording or shooting stuff, we were having chicken at Scotchies, letting a rastaman put natural eyedrops in our eyes, ordering custom Clarks or sipping on Spirulina.

We had full-on camera kits but these are all shots I took with my iPhone. The color everywhere is amazing, and almost everything is still hand-painted and there’s so much emphasis and pride on decoration. It makes for such a vibe, especially if you’re a fan of Jamaican music.