Pairing images with music is one of the best ways to prime our imagination. We have asked two talented people to play this game for us: Lauren Kelly, director at Sean Kelly gallery and Melo-X, a music producer who recently produced On The Run Tour with Beyoncé and Jay-Z. They have collaborated on a project called The Masters. First, Kelly picked four classic Baroque, Gothic and Renaissance artworks, and Melo-X responded with a song for each image. Then, Melo-X picked four songs, and Kelly responded to his selections with images of her own choosing. The results are below.

Pick #1: Paradise 

'I wrote this song with Cheri Coke about two years ago. The idea was capturing the innocence of such pinnacle moment in the bible. This piece feels like two innocent people being disciplined by a sword wielding mad man; or in this case, a Mad Angel'

Pick #2: Mirrors

'I chose this song because I love works that show the subject looking into a mirror. It's as if the on-looker who is the painter, is looking at the subject, who has become an on-looker as well. Mirrors in My Mind is about those reflections on self.'

Pick #3: Affection

'The male subject in this piece looks as if he finally got that special moment alone with his woman. I feel like the lyrics to this song are what he would whisper in her ear.'

Pick #4: Triumph

'Wu-Tang was way ahead of their time. They’ve always called upon great historic facts, tales and stories to paint vivid pictures for those living in the hood. As a young kid, those lines inspired made me look into the history of Socrates.'

Pick #5: A Concert

Retrograde by James Blake

Pick #6: Intoxication 

Drunk in Lust (I Been Draking) by MeLo-X--Yonce-X

Pick #7: Entombment

Camera Day by Flying Lotus

Pick #8: Light

Sunshine by Raury

Lauren Kelly has worked at Sean Kelly Gallery since 2006. As the Director principally in charge of art fairs, sales and special events worldwide, Lauren has been instrumental in expanding the gallery's international presence. Lauren has also developed the gallery's partnerships with arts organizations worldwide, facilitating projects such as the production of Güiro at Art Basel Miami Beach. Most recently she collaborated with MeLo-x on his exhibition ‘A Movement in Africa’ at Sean Kelly Gallery in the spring of 2014.

MeLo-X is a sonic creator, incorporating kaleidoscopic influences from Eminem to Nirvana, from Picasso to Moses, from the sweet scent of Jamican mango trees to the stench of New York City. He was recently named Music Producer for the On The Run Tour with Beyoncé and Jay-Z.

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