Born and raised in New York City, photographer and filmmaker Matt Baron has cultivated a top-notch background, pursuing a passion for moving images at a young age. His editing skills have led him to working with many high-end fashion photographers including Patrick Demarchelier, Mikael Jansson, Craig McDean, and Mario Sorrenti.

Now, as a film director, Matt’s work has been sought-after by clients such as Giorgio Armani, Louis Vuitton, Balenciaga, Theory, Madonna and The New York Times. Recently, his work as a photographer has had him taking the majority of the images for Calvin Klein's Instagram, and you can follow his personal account here. For B-Sides, we asked Matt to shed some light on what captures his eye.

“When I take pictures, I am always looking for an interesting graphic element and good light — so I am most excited to go out in shoot when the environment around me is providing beautiful shadows, colors, reflections etc. I also like images to be on the darker side. The facility of just having a phone that can produce high quality images is a tremendous tool that we all have. I remember even five years ago lugging a proper camera around was required to get a good picture.

Instagram has also been an amazing new platform for me. There is something so much more charming and personal to stay up to date with friends and colleagues through a single image. I don't want to read that you are "having fun with your friends at a bar on a Saturday." Just show me a picture. You can put up pictures without the constant pressure and feedback of a client, and its a really fun place to put your daily experience out there for the world to see.”