A new series focusing on photographers and muses, "In Quotes" allows us to learn more about each subject and their personal style, or philosophies, that has a natural way of capturing our attention.

With London-based photographer Piczo, he recently spent the day with Marina Krtinic, 22, from Serbia.

Marina on ... HER LOOK
“Fierce and cool.”

Marina on... FAME 
“Fame is for insecure people, power is my ambition.”

Marina on... BOYFRIENDS
“I would say girlfriends ;)”

"London is a great way to learn how to live in a jungle.”

— Marina, on London

Marina on... HEROES
“My hero is definitely the woman who raised me, and taught me how to live life. My mom.”

Marina on... SUCCESS
“For success, you have to have the guts first.”

Marina on... AMBITION