What a better way to kick off the weekend than with a fresh mix from the editors at Marfa Journal? The mix was produced and mixed by Marfa Journal's Contributing Editor, Joonatan, and features some of the publications collaborators (Egyptian Lover, Earl Sweatshirt). It's all about business and pleasure, as Joonatan told us, "there is a dichotomy in the sound. The first half is like stepping into a Marfa Journal party as it's just warming up; uplifting, booming and sincere sounds like 'I Wanna Thank You' and the Romare track. The second half is more suited for a Marfoffice environment, with the more mellow, unobtrusive sounds of, say, A Tribe Called Quest - perfect for drafting up emails and experimenting on InDesign." 

Their first issue (now sold out everywhere) included pieces on (or from) Andrew Richardson, Jeffrey Deitch, Coco Young, Skye Parrott and more. The second issue features Terry Richardson, Pamela Anderson and Reza Nader, and Olivier Zahm, and is available now through New Distribution House