Our B-Sides this week features Maia Ruth Lee, a mixed media artist who was raised in Nepal and moved to the United States in 2011. Although Maia is currently based in New York, her art is still largely focused on her upbringing; having lived in Kathmandu during her most formative years, the artist’s work often references traditional Nepali and Buddhist art styles.

Maia's most recent collaboration is the humorous art brand TROLL, which produces unique hand-crafted items like their signature tongue-shaped stoner pipes and hand-embroidered hats.

We asked Maia to share some insights and images from her smartphone with us. You can see more from her on her website and on Instagram.

"I'm not so much interested in capturing a Cartier-Bresson moment or getting the perfect composition. The phone is almost like an afterthought, like 'Oh, right, I want to actually remember this.' I like taking 'sketches' and more times than not it seeps back into my art making."

"I like how some objects make me feel a certain way — like a strangely shaped rock on the side of the road or a chain link fence with a towel over it. Most of my photos on my phone are shot while I'm on the road."

"I'm lucky to have traveled so much in my life, and I still continue to do so — I'm very good at it. One time I was able to hitch-hike through mexico for three weeks on $500. Traveling is what makes New York bearable for me; I like returning to the city with the child-like excitement."