Magdalena loves to travel, but she documents it in a special way: by appearing topless in her photos. By stripping the photos of indicators of time (clothes, hairstyles, etc) her images become timeless, and it almost seems she can travel anywhere, instantly.
Enter The Magdalena Experience thoughout our interview, and hear what she has to say about her upcoming book, that will take you further in time and space.

How would you define yourself?

Traveler, hopeless romantic, excited.

How did you become involved with the biker culture at such a young age?

Just like skateboarding, it just happens. But I've always been a part of more of a man’s world growing up as a tomboy; I played in a metal band called Green and Wood for eight years as well.

Do you know our king of patches Dirty Needle? How is he?

Yes, indeed, I do. I have known him for almost nine years, his brother, too — great people. Cody is killing it, and I’m glad he found his passion in something so unique. His patches are so clever and well done!

We saw a portrait of David Lynch with you; is he important to you and why?

Duh. He is David Lynch! Twin peaks and fire walk with me were my existence in my twenties.

You seem to travel extensively, how do you manage to do that?

Being humble and resourceful.

How did this idea of turning you back to the camera come across?

‘Cause I can’t show my boobs on Instagram.

Could you tell us about your upcoming book? What is it about and are you planning to launch it soon?

The book is called The Experience Vol. 1. It’s a part of four volumes, which all have a different subject matter and will be printed at separate times. The book is of nudes of myself traveling around the world. I find nudity to be timeless; that’s why this is the subject matter. The minute you put clothes on someone, it takes you to that exact year, or a time that’s trying to replicate another time. With this approach it’s more unpredictable. And I wanted to lead people into my adventure with a sense of freedom and empowerment. The book will launch in the late fall — its looking like November! And the book launch will blow people’s minds — so be there. It’s going to be a very interactive experience!

Could you tell us what your short films are about? How do you make them?

Not yet; it’s all in the works...