The 2014 Allday Photo Show, "Milk & Oysters," highlights some of the best work from our talented crop of photographers and contributors. This is our last day before the show opens, and we're excited to present our final contributor, Magdalena Wosinska.

Magdalena was born in Katowice, near Krakow in Poland. She arrived in the USA in 1991 and lived in Arizona before settling in Los Angeles in 2004.

Her instagram is a whole project called The Magdalena Experience, that we featured on Allday a few months ago.

She is perpetually traveling and her photos depict subjects that never rest, although they seem to be constantly dreaming, cruising through an endless summer. On the photo she chose for our group photo show, Magdalena says: "Well I'm always traveling and missing my top half of clothes so this very much represents my style... I chose it as it was one of the most recent and unpublished works." The hardest thing for her is "to do fine art projects and having people believe in you even if they dont know who you are."

She is launching her third book called "The Experience Vol. 1" early next year and will present it with an interactive opening reception, with lots of surprises, together with a short film.