Lyz Olko is the nightlife director for both The Jane and The Westway, and also the designer of Obesity & Speed, a clothing line she founded 10 years ago. Typically, she finishes work around 4 am and sometimes she doesn't want to go to bed at all but prefers to have a bite with some friends. Where does she go then? We met up with her on Bond Street to chat about her favorite spots.

Let's say it’s really late and you’re really hungry. Where do you go?

Lyz: I have a few different places that I like to go. It depends on what time I get off work. It varies - it can be anywhere from Midnight to 4am. One of my favorite places for late night eats is Little Frankies on 1st Avenue. The staff there is amazing. They are some of the coolest guys. They couldn’t be any nicer. I always get pretty much the same thing and I’m vegan – so they hook it up for someone who doesn’t eat a stereotypical Italian meal. I highly recommend the Fire Roasted Eggplant. They also always play the best music ranging form anything like Texas is the Reason to Gucci Mane to Minor Threat to Biggie to really anything. And I always run into friends when I’m there, which I really like.
One late night place I recommend is Black Seed Bagel on Elizabeth Street. One of my best friends and co-workers Matt Kliegman is one of the partners there. They recently began staying open late-night Thursday through Saturday, and have yummy things like a more adult take on the pizza bagel.

If I get out of work on the later side which means 3 or 4 in the morning I usually head home to make a vegan hot chocolate with almond milk, cocoa, stevia and some cholorphyll to add a mint taste (and its really good for you!) cinnamon is also good to add. I’m pretty healthy, so I don’t hit up a pizza spot or anything like that, but I do go to Joe’s Pizza with my friends on Bleecker Street which I think is open until 4 – it might even be open all night.

What about uptown?

I don't go uptown after work, as I live downtown in the Lower East Side. The craziest place I'm going to is my deli.

What about the West Village?

Café Cluny is really good. And I also really like going to The Standard. I really like the grill and even within The Standard lobby there’s that tearoom which I call it. That is definitely one of my favorite places to go, and it opens REALLY late. Because I go after work and you can just go sit and talk there. Actually, Blue Ribbon is good too. There are two of them: the sushi one and the brasserie and that one is open until 3 or 4am, and that place is probably my favorite place of all. There’s the sushi one which I go to for dinner often. And then there’s the brasserie that has the oyster situation that I go to, but there’s not an insane amount for me to eat, so I go to just hang out. I’m not going to eat an oyster [laughs].