Our series “In Quotes” focuses on photographers and their muses, where we find out more about each subject and their personal style that has a natural way of capturing our attention.

Photographer Evan Schreiber's muse today is Louie Vasquez, a friend. We caught up with Louie to ask him a few questions.

Louie on... FAME?

It is always better when you dont try so hard to have it.


I try to keep my private life somewhat ... private.

Louie on... HEROES?

I dont have any although I do look up to many artists.

Louie on... NEW YORK?

A city that could make or break your entire life.

Louie on... LOVE?

It comes and goes..but the feelings last forever.

Louie on... HIS LOOK?

Something between a fucked up teenager and a young boy raised in a small town.

Louie on... ROMANCE?

Always gonna need it.

Louie on... THE INTERNET?

If you know how to use it to your advantage, then it is a great tool for life.

 Louie on... SUCCESS?

The feeling of relaxation mentally would be a blessing.

Louie on... AMBITION?

People will love you or hate you for having this.

Louie on... Youth?

It should be fun and full of positivity.