My friend Gil and I are connoisseurs you could say - we don’t shop or follow brands we make our own style by finding rare stuff we love I wouldn’t say we hate fashion we just hate the direction that a great deal of it's moving in... We like our people that came before us are story tellers we have this need to communicate our tastes. Fashion falling under that we feel currently it’s in a really contrived state, people are copying each other, there’s a lot of recycled ideas. we just don’t think there are too many out there making original stuff.

I recently visited Gil and photographed  him around his neighborhood, some of the important places to where he grew up, painting his geography of his childhood, using kits that were forward yet functional on this rainy day.  Like venice a lot of people from his neighborhood don’t leave the area Gil is one of the few to have transcended these boundaries.

Gil is—for lack of a better term—an Internet muse. A lot of kids appreciate him. He’s got such a unique attitude, look, and style. some may consider him too raw for commercial - he’s special.

Gil’s neighborhood can be unpredictable so he made sure we were safe that day -

Gil wears:
Harper’s Bazaar Hat Pro Cell
Pyscho Streetwear Pro Cell
Vintage Tommy Hilfiger
Vintage Supreme
Military Parka
Doc Martens
Lee Jeans