My main girl is Peruvian-born, Australian-raised, Liz De La Piedra who’s always had an eye for thrifting. She’d come back from the Salvation Army with a fur jacket and/or designer bathing suit that would honestly make my eye twitch begrudgingly. Before shooting, we chilled in her Chicago home while digging into her closet to showcase some precious gems. By gems I not only mean her thrift finds, but her seriously impressive post-baby body and the little legend: baby Lex.

What is your biggest fear?

I've never thought about it. Now that I have a child, mostly I fear for things involving his future.

What do you do during your downtime?

I thrift a lot. It relaxes me.

Favorite places to eat in Chicago?

The Peruvian restaurants in Chicago are legit. Picante and Machu Piccu are my fav.

Favorite places to go out?

Chicago has great museums and an amazing art institute. I don't really go out these days but I’ll go to a show every now and then if people or friends are in town.

Any secret spot?

The Garfield Conservatory is tucked away... Always quiet and a good way to get through Midwest winter. Also, Sunshine cafe in Andersonville. Best and cutest japanese spot in Chicago.

What do you listen to these days?

A lot of stuff coming out of Atlanta. And Drake.

What is your biggest inspiration?

Family, love, culture, women.

Which project have you enjoyed the most?

I really liked being on tour and documenting that. Also art directing my own shoots is always super fun and rewarding for me.

If you could go back, which era would you live in?

A model in the 90’s!

5 things you couldn’t live without?

Liquid liner, coconut oil, plantains, my man’s D and my baby’s smile.