In our third week of “Girls, Girls, Girls,” photographer Eva Michon is spending time at the beach with Laura Merians, a cinematographer living in Venice, California. Originally from New York, she has been working as a Director of Photography for the past eight years, including projects with Björk, Sigur Rós, and Thom Yorke. For the past two years, she’s been driving one of the coolest car models of all time: a cream-colored 1973 Volkswagen “Thing.” Naturally, she captured our attention right away.

What's in your glove box?

Secret levers. I have Icelandic candy. Ice-T on cassette. Some 2-dollar bills.

What sunglasses do you wear?

I tend to look at everything with rose colored lenses.

What do you take with you on drives?

Hot dudes.

Do you get a lot of attention in the Thing?

Yes, it's a dude magnet.

Have you been in any collisions?

Only when colliding with hot dudes.