Join us tonight for the exclusive North American release of Toilet Paper, Issue 8, at The Newsstand, from 6-9 pm.

Toilet Paper is a biannual magazine created and produced by Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari, reflecting their funny, absurd proclivity for images. Carrying tenets of commercial photography and advertising — using the form of the magazine itself — it channels the history of surrealist art to parody these traditions. Cattelan and Ferrari are also able to confront and negate some of the barriers to entry of the contemporary art economy, by creating a print art object with wide distribution and accessibility.

Using no text, each image in every of Toilet Paper springs from an specific idea, and through an extended orchestration of contributors, it becomes the manifestation of the artists' bizarre, deviant imagination. With Issue 8, the themes and ideas center around "September, 1971."