Before diving into our audio tour below, here are a few words from the photographer, Lula Hyers:

Today, forty one percent of Instagram users are between sixteen and twenty-four-years old. Many of the users in that demographic will be the last generation to have grown up in a world before modern technology (Instagram, Facebook, etc.) became an integral part of our social structure. For many people, Instagram is a platform where they can create an alter ego and present themselves in ways they are unable to in real life. Selfie-driven Instagram accounts are becoming so popular that by promoting yourself and you can become quite famous. Some believe that posting selfies can be a form of art, similar to a self-portrait.

Self-obsession is now something that we encounter but that is not necessarily looked down upon. If left without a phone, many people become nervous and feel like they are missing something. Today, we live in a world of instant updates and we post selfies to combat a bad day. Last days of intimacy before... Instagram?

We held a casting call on the Allday Instagram, selected six models and asked questions about their Instagram culture. We used both audio and photography components to explore the way intimacy lives among users of Instagram.

Lula’s photography is a perfect fit for this project because it often displays safe, protected, detached subjects. Her photos remind us of Balthus and odalisques: bed and bath series, portraits with mirror or oriental woolen fabrics in the background. They convey this sensation that innocence is a pure dreamscape where there is no interference.

In Order of Appearance:


Ceilidh @lilmixedhunny

Coco @cocobaudelle

Lee @leedabuttafly

Ginger @gingerleighryan

Olivia @olivia_ballard_

Hannah @scary_spice718