Kristie Muller pushes the limits between photographic documentation and invention through the lens of an inexpensive point and shoot camera — the end result captures colorful, offbeat, and formally beautiful fragments of the world around her. Muller has published her work in Vogue Italiana, Vice, Dazed Digital and Sweden’s Contributor Magazine, among many others.

For B-Sides, she shows us how she visually captures and transforms her everyday experiences through the use of her very first cameraphone. Her instagram is @kristiemuller69.

"These pictures were all taken over last few weeks. I haven't had a phone with a camera for that long, and I'm surprised how much I've been using it. I like the dainty stroke motion you have to make on the screen to zoom in. But taking a picture with a phone can be casual. It's more discreet, which is making me more and more voyeuristic."