A note from Kitty:

Sexuality is something that at times I may have been afraid or embarrassed to explore. There were so many imperfections that I saw that served as a shield for me to express my sexuality. I was too light (I never could understand my complexion), I was too hairy (I was blessed with a set of wild hormones), I was too skinny (this was natural but I was still confused on why I wasn’t thick like my cousins), my breasts were too small, and the list goes on… I just wasn’t enough for me—which at times women tend to tell themselves. Even though when I had these same conversations that I held with myself with my friends. They begged to differ. They didn’t see what I saw everyday. They didn’t see the never ending list of flaws I had some how somewhere conjured up from chastising jokes in my adolescence.

Then a little over two decades in, something magical started to happen, something that allowed me to gaze upon my reflection in awe—with curiosity and with appreciation. I applauded the small package in front of me with hidden crevices  sprinkled with beauty marks and 1 of 1 scars. I decided to own it. I decided to fall so hard in love I have yet to fall out. I had failed to love the one thing I was in charge of loving endlessly: myself.

What is your biggest fear?


What do you do during your downtime?

Cuddle, eat, watch movies, read, zone out on houzz.

Favorite places to eat in NYC?

Hop Lee Kitchen (it’s BYOB too), Lovely Day, Madiba, my grandmother’s house.

Favorite places to go out in NYC?

Elvis Guesthouse, Baby’s All Right, Kinfolk, Bembe.

Any secret spot?

The Jam House.

What is your biggest inspiration?

Life itself 🌏.

“I just wasn’t enough for me…which at times women tend to tell themselves.”

Any exciting upcoming project?

Love The Free Part III and some original production... Stay tuned.

If you could go back in time: what era would you choose?

The Roaring Twenties.

What song do you immediately dance to?

Soca… It’s in my bones I hear it and automatically I move.

Five things you couldn’t live without?

My music, my Mackie (macbook), Reeses Pieces, Raph, a good fucking time.

Your favorite designers?

JW Anderson, Rosie Assoulin, Phoebe Philo, Olivier Rousteing, Yves Saint Laurent.

If you could change something in the world today, what would it be?

Racism and hunger.

Photography: Maya Fuhr;

Stylist: Corey Stokes;

Video loops: Andrea Granera;

From top to bottom: First image: Bodysuit by Fleur du Mal;
Second image: Top by Obesity + Speed, pants by Nasty Gal;
Third & fourth image: Dress by Opening Ceremony, shoes by adidas;
Fifth image: Babydoll, bra, and panty by Fleur du Mal;
Sixth image: Bodysuit and kimono by Fleur du Mal;
Seventh image: Bodysuit by Fleur du Mal;

Acknowledgement: Elisa and Gaspard de Dreuzy.