Allday has been a fan of Kid Masterpiece for a few years now. The Canadian wunderkind sent a new mix across the border, along with some hilarious interview commentary. Read on...

1. Eye Try - Visionist
2. Beat It Out The Frame - Drippin
3. Adam (Joey LaBeija Remix) - BOY/FRIEND
4. Be My Baby X Sugur Shane - S E X Y L I K
5. Drink, smoke, Breakup (L-VIS 1990 Remix) - Mila J
6. Cookie - DJ Tim Dolla
7. F*ck Up Some Commas - Future
8. Enemy (MA Nguzu Ironsoul Edit) - Kelela
9. Kiss Me On The Claptrap (Brey Edited This Sh*t) - Joe x Cassie
10. T-Shirt & Panties - Dj K-Duecez ft. Kuddie J
11. BURN ft. Dj Uniique - LSDXOXO
13. Me dê Amor - Sango
14. So High (Kid Masterpiece Remix) - Doja Cat
15. The Courts - Jam City
16. Kilo (Feat. Lil Bibby & Lil Herb) - Tink
17. Crypto - BWWWOYS
18. Money Cat - Zora Jones
19. Kelly's 12 Play - The-Dream

In your mixes you reference a lot of 90s R&B, but you call yourself a Kid… how old are you?! What's the inspiration behind your name?

I’m 22, and the inspiration for my name came from two sources. I was a real young kid, like 16-17, hanging around with older people (in their 20’s). We were working and DJing at bars. These [older] guys have their own lingo and slang -- Temple Talk (shout outs Andy). So, one time I was fooling around at work and recreating Jonah Hill’s infamous penis drawing scene from Superbad and I told my friend Shayaa I was going to to make a real masterpiece of a dick drawing. He said that I should be called ‘kcid masterpiece’ (dick spelt backwards), since it sounded like a real DJ name. Maybe it was my age, but at first I wasn’t sure. Then it caught on and it’s been stuck to me ever since.

We love all your album art — do you design it? How do you get your inspiration for each one?

I’ve designed a few of my cover arts and all of my album/ep artworks, but a majority of my artwork from my remixes are from artists I find online (tumblr). The inspiration for each one really comes with the sound of the song and the different moods I get from them. From there, I’ll go through some pictures I saved and fit with one fits into the whole aesthetic of the song.

You're from Canada. The only Canadian musician most Americans know is Drake. Who else should we be bumping?

There are a lot of dope artists emerging all over Canada, that I’ve discovered just by browsing through soundcloud. There is Woadie, xxxclvr, and the whole Weirdo Click from Halifax who are really dope and their music has really spread throughout the country. Also this collective from Toronto,  Bedroomer, one of the guys, Eytan Tobin makes really dope dreamy edits and songs.

Any special projects in the works? When's the next time we can catch you spinning in NYC?  

Yeah I’m going to start working on a project that I hope will be a full EP of original songs. I want to reach out and work with different singers that I’m a fan of on soundcloud and make something we can just vibe out with.
As far as gigs go for New York, I would love to come down and spin since I’m building a solid network through soundcloud. It would be fun to do something different, maybe create and spin a runway soundtrack for a brand during the next Fashion Week!

Check his soundcloud and his blog.

Artwork sourced: Fabrizio Raschetti.