Born in Poland, and raised in New York, photographer Kava Gorna’s work speaks to a sexy sensibility — often shooting women, her photography produces playful, evocative images of female self-liberation. She has worked commercially with publications such as Vogue, T: New York Times Fashion Magazine, the Wall Street Journal, as well as Hobo, Adult Mag, and the journal.

Her showcases have included Tiny Vices, as well as the Museum of Art and Design, as well as a group show, "Topless", opening tonight at Human Gallery. Apart from this, she’s great to follow on Instagram, and so we asked her for any B-Sides material that might not have made the cut.

“My iPhone allows me to capture things more quickly as instant self-expression, and more simply in ways where it’s not so precious. I usually take photographs of three themes: women, cars and flowers, because I feel that each carry pretty objective meanings, as well as being sort of coded and loaded in terms of their representation, especially in how we perceive sexuality. For me, I find it interesting to play around with these different meanings in my head.”