We spoke with Instagram’s favorite collage artist Kalen Hollomon about his love of all things collage and the process behind his often-intimate work. Kalen’s Gift Wrap will be available soon at The Gift Shop.

"Extreme feelings of horror and putrid self reflection."

Where does your love for collage come from?

It lies in the prospect of shifting perspective by altering existing images and creating new ones.

How would you describe the mood of your collages: ironic? surrealistic? funny?

They're a collage of moods. Maybe sensual and alluring at first, then followed by extreme feelings of horror and putrid self-reflection.

Could you reveal us the process behind your Instagram videos: are you moving paper or is it photoshop animated?

Most of my work is hand-rendered, video included.  From the cutting and movement of paper to simultaneous audio; there’s little to no editing process.

Where did you get the idea for the design of this gift wrap?

I thought the raw paper edges, solid colors and shapes would lend themselves to a repeat pattern and the sculptural aspect of wrapped gifts. It's also very sexy.

Do you have any other paper wraps that didn't make the cut?

I thought this one could be good too: