Nike commissioned Alldayeveryday’s Kai Regan to concept and direct the De La Dunk High and Dunk Low Pro SB model’s anniversary campaign.

The De La Dunk High film, which made its debut as teaser content over all-star weekend this past February, has also played at various De La Soul shows leading up to the launch. This true-to-form skate edit struck a chord with the core SB fan base, shattering the record with the most organic views and shares in the site’s history.

What’s the story behind this project?

Nike asked me to come up with a concept to make a film to re launch the De La Dunk High; So I wrote a treatment using the original album art to make an old school skate video with a little bit of a twist.

How did you come across the idea of having these animations?

I took more of a music video approach, where you are always looking for a bit of a hook. So the animation was trying to make it a bit more fun and something that I was entertained by as well. No one wants to watch a commercial online so I tried to think about what would a young skateboarder want to watch? So naturally I thought cartoons, obviously.

Who’s carrying the camera?

That’s my man RB Umali. We go way back to the 90s skateboarding together. I grew up skateboarding in Cali so RB is a videographer who has been making skate videos for almost 20 years… Damn I am old, fuck. Anyway, I wanted to make something real that skaters respected so RB was the perfect choice to collaborate with.

Who’s the skateboarder?

Bobby Worrest AKA Bob Shmurda.  

You have been capturing skateboarding for a while, what about the culture inspires you?

Skateboarding is one of my first loves in life. Its always inspired me as a kid and as a creative. It’s all about expression and personality. Everyone who grew up skating knows that it’s not about just making something or landing a trick it’s about how you do it. It’s all about style. I took that sensibility into both my photography and filmmaking. It truly has influenced me more than anything. I never wanted to just be a skateboard photographer or director but rather wanted use that world to influence my progression as an artist. If you look at what Spike Jonze has done with skateboarding and with film making you can’t deny its role in culture.

How do think the skateboarding scene has changed in recent years?

It hasn’t changed, it’s evolved. Finally skateboarding has progressed to be accepted in culture with the same respect as other sports. When I see Eric Koston featured in the same Nike ads with Kobe Bryant and Tiger Woods then it makes me happy to see skateboarding be recognized and respected in a whole new way. Nike isn’t afraid to support and show people that. That’s why I've loved working with them for the past 10 years.

“An old school skate video with a little bit of a twist.”

Where do you see it going with brands like Nike getting behind it?

It’s only going to get bigger and better…

Dunk Hi: Editor: Adam Robinson; Assit Editor: Zach Vandlik; Producer: Annie Maldonado.

Dunk Lo: Editor: Brandon Porter; Assist Editor: Brad Dupuie; Producer: Annie Maldonado.