Allday photographer and director Kai Regan collaborated with BORNxRAISED for their FW15 collection which drops online 7/30. The shoot was a little smokey, as the creatives brought the local kids who are usually just hanging out around town into the studio environment of smashbox studios. Enjoy some outtakes from the looks and a Q&A with one of our favorite photographers.

Tell us about BORNxRAISED?

BORNxRAISED is a Los Angeles-based lifestyle brand that I kept seeing around and hearing about it through various friends. The Founders and I have a group of mutual friends and knew of each others work. We met up and got to talking. They asked if I would be down to collaborate on this FW15 release with them and the rest is up in smoke.

How did you come with the idea for this shoot?

Its was a collaboration with the creatives and founders of BORNxRAISED to make a lifestyle shoot with more of a fashion perspective in the studio. I shoot a lot of both studio and environmental so it was a hybrid. It was fun to shoot something for a brand who takes risks. Nothing diluted. People always say they want to do something real but are usually too scared. So went there and didn’t think twice.

Who styled it?

Elie Maalouf (Make Up) and Sully Layo (Hair).

How did you cast this?

The creatives and founders (Alex and Spanto) have a a community of local LA talents who support the brands diversity and have been a part of their community. You should check out their Instagrams: @c0neja, @hadenmckenna and @hoodprofet.

Was everybody completely stoned at the end of the shoot?

There was a lot of smoke and mirrors on this on this one for sure as you will see.

Photography: Kai Regan @Smashbox studios
Make Up: Elie Maalouf
Hair: Sully Layo
For Fall // 15 BORNxRAISED