A new series, “In Quotes” focuses on photographers and their muses, where we find out more about each subject and their personal style that has a natural way of capturing our attention.

Our muse today is Jorge Wright "Gitoo", a New York-based model, style maven and media personality for Karmaloop, known for his colorful style and personality that comes through his signature dress. We caught up with Jorge with photographer Evan Schreiber to ask him a few questions.

Jorge on... FAME?

Sounds decent!

Jorge on... BOYFRIENDS? 

Shouldn't have Instagram!

Jorge on... GIRLFRIENDS? 

Shouldn't have Instagram!

Jorge on... HEROES?

My parents.

Jorge on...LOVE?


Jorge on... HIS LOOK?

People usually look twice!

Jorge on... ROMANCE?

Looks better in the movies.

Jorge on... THE INTERNET?

My bestie.

Jorge on... AMBITION?

Is everythinggggg (5 g's required).

Jorge on... YOUTH?

Have the real say in culture.