Jennilee Marigomen is a Vancouver-based photographer, whose work investigates everyday phenomenons in natural and urban settings, often capturing the beautiful environments of British Colombia. Earlier this year, her photography appeared in the Inventory published publication of Queen of Tsawwassen, with four other Vancouver photographers, curated by Twelve Books

As a long-time fans of Jennilee's personal work, as well as her past work as Photo Editor for 01 Magazine, and with photos in "Lose/You", a large group show at the Jane Hotel opening tomorrow, we asked her to submit some unshared images that would have otherwise been posted to her Instagram. She tells us more about she looks for in her process. 

"I think that a lot of my photos capture a familiar, yet specific truth that is common to everyone. Something that you can look back to and feel at that moment in time, everywhere and everyday. I'm drawn to color, water, the sky, light, and the subtleties and displacements within nature and urban environments. I also take a lot of cellphone photos of my boyfriend."