Our B-Sides this week features Jean-Baptiste Sinniger, a freelance interactive art director living in Paris, who pursues photography in his spare time. Working in the digital field, we were drawn to his aesthetic blending of virtual and analog sensibilities, as his images play with close-ups, form and color.

We asked him to share some insights and images from his smartphone, and you can see more from Jean-Baptiste on his Instagram.

“The main problem I had to face with smartphones was the huge amount of pictures that I was shooting daily. Having so much random images stocked in my library made me feel that they were completely losing their meaning, and utility, to my eyes. However there's a specific aesthetic mixing — often with a lot of humor — shapes, colors and visual oddities that emerged on my phone images because of their low-resolutions and small screen, that erase details and simplifies my pictures. That kind of images would be less interesting on wider screens or prints, so I try to translate this to my Instagram feed.

Mobile photography is like a new Polaroid era—and I like to consider that I will keep the images I shot longer than I keep my phone."