Australian born, New York-based photographer James Hartley is always on an adventure. Here are a few snaps from his 2015 Coachella experience, with a few notes from the man himself.

Coachella rules. 100,000 people converging on the desert for a human clusterfuck of epic proportions.

I feel like I'm one of the lucky ones; residing in a hidden oasis just beyond the bullshit that clogs your feeds. Staying on-site in an RV; trading the lure of celebrity rife Palm Springs parties for late-night bike rides around the empty grounds. A frozen margarita when I’m thirsty. A private swimming pool a few feet from the main stage. And people say Coachella sucks, I couldn’t disgagree more.

Dive Right In

The crowning jewel of Coachella: my friends prototype swimming pool, made from a converted shipping container. Never let a Californian drought get in the way of a good time…