Capricious magazine is 10 years old! To commemorate, Carpicious' founder Sophie Mörner presents High Tails, a volume of photography that gathers legendary photographers and long time friends and collaborators of the Capricious world: the gallery (Capricious 88), the magazine, and the publishing house. The book also celebrates Sophie's passion for horses, which she likes training in her free time.  

Could you tell us the idea behind High Tails?

High Tails is our 10th anniversary book. Its been such a journey making Capricious for ten years, and I wanted to celebrate this by bringing together old and new Capricious photographers. There was no other theme more suiting than horses, since I love horses, and always have.

What does the title refer to?

Actually, High Tails refers to a few different things. My dad always told me to walk with a high tail, basically, stretch up and be proud [smiles]. Also when horses get really powerful and excited, they raise their tail! I don't think I have to say more [wink].

The book is a  250+ page hardcover featuring the work of over 90 photographers such as Richard Prince, Nan Goldin, Ryan McGinley, and many more. Did they all collaborate to Capricious in a way or another - or is there another reason to pull all these artists together?

Of the photographers mentioned before, Ryan McGinley was part of Capricious #1, so it's really great that he is part of the anniversary book. The other photographers mentioned, are photographers that has been an inspiration to me through out the years. That said, many of the photographers in the book has been part of Capricious in one way or another over the years or a source of inspiration.

If you had to choose one image out of it, what would it be and why?

That is so hard! I love the image of Beni Bischof, with the horse riding the guy, and I also love Nan Goldin's image, and Perry Ogden's Irish boys.

Do you remember how the day Capricious was born: as a joke or as a dream?

Ha, I was looking for a name for this project I wanted to do, which was a book & magazine to publish my work, and my friend's work. I couldn't come up with a good name. Then my friend called me capricious, and I asked her what it meant - since I am swedish -  and she gave me the explanation, and it was just like that, it was a perfect name.

How do you see the future of Capricious gallery & magazine?

Capricious Magazine is growing and growing. More and more people are finding it, we are always challenging ourselves to keep it feel fresh and new, and to find new photographers. The next issue will be on Exes, which can be very interesting, a lot of drama!