Klee Van Schoonhover and her chihuahua Goldie are the masterminds behind 8lb Pooch, a fashion and collage project that involves clever cut-outs and very adept dog modeling — their collaboration has grown in profile and popularity since debuting on Instagram, and we caught up with Klee to learn more about the project, and its elusive muse.

We're excited to announce that Klee is presenting a series of 8lb Pooch posters commissioned specifically for us, and they will be released tomorrow at The Newsstand in conjunction with New York Fashion Week, as we're set up at OC *BTW down at Chelsea Piers. You can catch 8lb Pooch from 3-7pm.

Can you tell us about your model?

Goldie is an eight year-old 8 lb chihuahua whom I inherited from a dear friend when she was still a puppy — I had already looked after her a couple times, having fallen in love with her secretly as soon as we first met, and my friend eventually deemed she would be happier living with me.

Can you tell us about yourself?

I'm a creative that works as a designer for a jewelry company. I'm also just blessed to have my muse as my best friend. I don't really have a background in photography — I'm more interested in collage, but I have been teaching myself as I go along: learning about lighting processes, and getting the consistency right. But I take all the images with my iPhone.

How did this all get started?

Well, Goldie is super photogenic, and such a great poser. She has this really human personality, and there's this way about her where she knows exactly what I'm looking for when I'm snapping a picture — so I had already been sitting on a bank of cool pictures of her for awhile, and then when someone introduced me to Instagram, I put a lot of her pictures on there. And it's been going ever since. I love magazines, so as time went on I have sort of added cut-outs and props like that to our shoots.

Does Goldie like the project? How do the shoots work?

We both get up really early, take our time together, and she'll walk over to her set, and once you have a prop on her she'll be still for like 30 seconds, she'll hold composure perfectly, and then she will stomp off set — if you didn't get the shot, you'll have to wait until the next day. Otherwise she keeps to herself, as she is extremely shy. She sleeps almost all the time — if you put a blanket on top of her, she kind of curls up and goes to sleep. I would say she sleeps about 18-20 hours a day.

Aw. What's your favorite aspect to doing 8lb Pooch?

It really makes me happy when people tell me that they got a kick out of  a picture, or that it brightened their day. And I like making people laugh, making people smile. And I like that Goldie a part of that too.