Our series “Girls, Girls, Girls” continues with photographer Kathy Lo, who captures girls in with one of their most essential day-to-day realities: their shoes. We begin with a visit to the apartment of India Salvör Menuez, a Brooklyn-born, New York native, and member of the Luck You Collective. India likes to spend time in her Chinatown studio, where she likes to draw, paint, work on projects, as well as modeling and act in movies. We asked her more about her crazy assortment of heels and cartoon flat shoes.

The Luck You Collective will be doing a BOOKLUB with open mic poetry readings at this weekend’s 8-Ball Zine Fair at Space Billiards, this Sunday, from 2-9pm.

Tell us about... 

Your cat shoes :)

My dearest dear friend, who is the other mother of my real life cat (named Peony), left them for me. She now dances in the Netherlands.

Your kitten-heel lucite stripper sandals?

When Luck You Collective was staying in Paris, there was a shop around the corner from our place, I couldn't tell if it was vintage or not, they had rows of these in the window.

What are those skeleton shoes?!

There were these odd wedges that were part of the uniform for this performance piece I walked in with my mom for one of the old Deitch parades. I never got around to wearing them again until I cut them up and attached these 99 cents store children's skeleton costume foot covers, with some lace too.

Your favorite everyday shoes?

My Chinese grandma neighbors are not only style but my life inspirations.

Any particular shoe philosophy?

Some are meant as fetish items, and not for practical purposes — which is fun, but I always need something I can run around in all day.