Man: Hello.
Father G: Bless you pal. What are your sins?
Man: Do you want to know one specific one, or...
Father G: Well, I want to know what you feel guilty about? I’m not a mind reader.
Man: I feel guilty about like three years ago when I was flying from London to Germany with my little sister, and our flight ended up getting cancelled, and we stayed in an airport hotel overnight, and then I basically had sexual fantasies about my little sister.
Father G: You just had fantasies.
Man: I had fantasies. I didn’t touch her. But I basically touched myself thinking about my little sister, and I feel very horrible.
Father G: Well, maybe you should feel good about it, that you didn’t do anything.
Man: Maybe.

Father G: What is it that you find attractive about your little sister?
Man: Well, it’s something very close to your own body, and it’s kind of a female version about your own body, so it’s very attractive, so it has the feeling of making love to yourself, but it’s a female version.
Father G: How much younger is she?
Man: Three years.
Father G: Do you have a girlfriend?
Man: No.
Father G: Well, maybe you need to find a girlfriend who’s three years younger than you, and looks like your little sister. Maybe your sister has a friend.
Man: Okay. [laughs]
Father G: I think that will solve all your problems.
Man: Alright, I’ll try that.
Father G: Go in peace.
Man: Thank you.