Tod Papageorge is one of New York’s best witnesses. He was part of the city's emerging scene of young, visually inventive photographers in the mid-1960s and quickly established himself as an authoritative eye. Over the course of his career he would succeed Walker Evans as the director of Yale’s renowned photography MFA program and craft an iconic visual language that continues to influence the way photographers frame the urban American landscape.

Tod’s latest book sees the first publication of his Studio 54 nightclub photography. The images capture all the glitz and conspicuous decadence of New York in the late 70s. They have an alien aspect, shot with an icy remove that freezes partygoers in a mesmerizing trance.

We asked Tod to pick some of his favorite shots from the series and talk about his selections at length. Scroll down for Tod’s guided audio tour of "Studio 54," available now from Stanley Barker.