Drinking deeply from the swirling waters of fashion and music flowing through the decades, Alister Mackie revives and renews the classic London look leading the fashion team at AnOther Man. The editors at Space Magazine give us a look inside his East London home, revealing the process behind Mackie’s distinctly modern take on classic inspirations.

How did you meet Alister Mackie? Why did you want to visit his home in East London?

I lived in London when Dazed & Confused gave the break to Alister Mackie and several other creative persons. He was styling for Alexander McQueen, Primal Scream and the best magazines there. It was the time for an indie scene of amazing bands, artists, designers and independent magazines. Not that I personally had anything to do with that, I was 19-years-old and filled up mini bars at Covent Garden Hotel. Still, all the exciting stuff that was happening around me had an impact on me. I am still very fascinated by this era and the people who actually shaped it.

What did you find inspiring about his home?

Alister Mackie has been in the same building since the 1990s and his studio has become his own living archive. All his cabinets are filled with very rare books and magazines, and you find all the scrapbooks that he makes before he starts on each issue of Another Man there too. At the other end you find all his accessories from shoots and campaign work carefully put in order. It’s very interesting to see how one of the industry’s great storytellers arranges his work life.

How do you think his home relate to his style as a Creative Director? His interest in Mick Jagger, the accumulation of things, the romantic side...

You see and feel immediately that Alister and his work are one and the same. He is a very authentic character.

“You see and feel immediately that Alister and his work are one and the same.”

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