Living up to its title, Hot and Cool is a London-based biannual publication that recently launched its beautiful sixth issue, featuring a mix of artists, photographers and designers including Richard Misrach, Gerry Johansson, and Asta Meldal Lynge. Hot and Cool has become known for its minimalist aesthetic, masterfully edited content, and understated, creative presentation of fashion.

The brains behind the publication – stylist Alice Goddard and photographer Theo Sion – first conceived of doing a print magazine as a means of publishing their own work, but the publication has grown to include a variety of both younger and more established artists, photographers, stylists and writers. We were able to catch up with Alice and Theo to hear more about Hot and Cool and the process of putting together a magazine.

Tell me about why you both wanted to start Hot and Cool. What was it that drew you to publishing?

We started the magazine with our friends Letty and Louise one summer. We really just did it for fun, and because we were all taking photos and didn't know what to do with them. I think the first issue took us less than a week from start to finish. I think our goal has always been to make the magazine as good as possible, within our means.

Can you describe what your roles are?

We oversee the whole magazine together – sometimes we'll plan a whole issue from the start, and sometimes we'll start working with a vague idea and see where it goes. We decide on contributors and work with them to come up with ideas for the issue; decide on who to interview, who or what to feature. Theo and I both shoot something together for each issue. We put it all together with Rory who designs the magazine. 

Respectively, what are your backgrounds in the arts, or more specifically fashion and photography?

Goddard: I started doing bits of styling just after the first issue of Hot and Cool, and carried on doing editorials and small jobs while assisting and studying for a year at Central Saint Martins.

Sion: I studied graphic design at Camberwell, and while I was there I was working on the magazine, and I began taking my own pictures. 

Describe the last really inspiring visual media, of any genre, that you saw?

A documentary called “Andy the Furniture Maker” by Paul Oremland.

What are some of your favorite magazine titles?

Vogue Italia, L'oumo Vogue, and Dutch.

Lastly, what do you both enjoy most about running a magazine?

Eating pizza at 3am in our office while trying to get everything finished.