DJ, Producer and celebrated artist Roman Grandinetti put together a hip hop heavy mix for this week’s Heavy Set. This one has more of a “grown up feel” that you can “play at your desk” but we’ll be bumpin it as we gear up for the weekend.

But Roman is more than a master of the turn tables, he is also Founder of CNNCTD, a creative content platform based in New York that works with major artists and labels like ASAP Ferg, Disclousure, and Kitsuné.

Check out the interview below and stay up to date via his Instagram and Soundcloud

We saw you play at that spot Louie & Chan one night. We (kind of) remember you playing a lot of old Dipset. What's up with that?

That was a friend’s party called "Bar Mitzvah Jams." We try to only play 90's music, but as a DJ, that’s been my style from day one (90's/High School Hits) and I am a big Dipset fan.

What are the top three new artists you're fucking with?

I'm assuming this a music question and this is hard because it really depends on the conversation we are having. For starters, I'm a big Kanye fan just for the fact the he continues to test himself and care about what he puts out, that will always go into my favorites along with Jay-Z, etc.
But new artists, damn...  Jungle, JOYWAVE,  Travis Scott (an interesting fella becoming a rapper/artist from a producer), Future Brown,  Cole, ASAP Ferg, Kelela, Hudmo, to name a few. A friend of mine introduced me to Nick Hakim, super young talent. I could go on and on here - it's a really hard question.

You also had a pretty solid crew that night. Do you DJ solo or are there a few guys that you play with?

I DJ solo but Japancakes and Terry Urban are good friends, are always a pleasure to play alongside — we would be a interesting group and probably would have one funny fucking name. I did start out in a crew called 718, we're a bunch of Brooklyn boys.

DJing is just a side gig for you — tell us about CNNCTD? How'd that get started?

It is now, I thought at one point of my life I would be up there. But I realized I was an okay DJ and way more talented fixing problems and finding a way to create something out of nothing. I started CNNCTD to give friends a platform and now we call it a content label —we support artists of any making any type of content.

A note on your mix?

Think the style of my mix was to throw a curve ball out there and use some songs that have a hip hop background or sample hip hop —but over all, this mix is something that is a bit grown and can be listened to at the desk. Enjoy!