Since their first show last May, “GRIMEYARD” has become essential listening in Amsterdam for anyone into Grime music. The show is hosted by Dutch hip hop group Zwart Licht, and goes up weekly on Soundcloud

Tell us about Grimeyard—how did it start?

GRIMEYARD is hosted by Zwart Licht. Zwart Licht—that is Leeroy and myself as emcees accompanied by producer Hayzee—are a Dutch hip hop group with grime influences. With Cle as our production manager, we had one thing in common: our love for Grime.

We therefore came up with GRIMEYARD, because we felt that grime wasn’t really represented in Amsterdam and the rest of The Netherlands. Our first show was aired on May 19th of this year and since then our following has been growing. Our primary intention is to build a bridge between London and Amsterdam, and while we’re at it, linking up for new chances outside Europe, whether we’re talking about Paris, Tokyo or, of course, NYC. When you talk about Grime in Amsterdam, you absolutely must mention GRIMEYARD.

On just your third Soundcloud show, you got Skepta to roll through. How’d you pull that off?

We saw that Skepta was booked to perform in Amsterdam, and we approached the promoter—who had booked Zwart Licht before—with our brand new radio show plus factsheet. We went in for the kill. As members of Zwart Licht we’ve accomplished a lot and gained respect in the game, so that helped GRIMEYARD out. I think that if we haven’t have had that privilege it would have been kind of hard to get the venue’s blessing as well. So Melkweg was really showing love from day one, and yes, Skepta came through. Our episode with him is our most popular episode, with more than 100,000 plays.

One moment I’m preparing the interview with Skepta while blasting Shutdown, and the next moment he’s in my car riding shotgun through Amsterdam. He’s a really humble and thankful guy, and I learnt a lot from him in just one day, as an artist as well as a person. We’re very thankful to him, and we were proud to have him, Shorty and Maximum on the show.

“The Grimeyard team ahs been on this music before the sound was even labelld as ‘Grime’”

The US is just starting to fuck with grime. How big is it in Amsterdam? When did you guys first start realizing there was a big enough audience to make a show out of it?

Well actually, we didn’t! Haha. We started out doing this for ourselves. Mainly to premiere new Zwart Licht tracks from our forthcoming album. But after the first 5 episodes we’ve been getting so much love, as well as bookings, that we decided to take it up a notch. At the moment we’ve even got more listeners in the UK than we do in Holland. Isn’t that sick?

The GRIMEYARD team have been on this music before the sound was even labelled as “Grime.” I believe that there already is a big rise of new Grime lovers out here, because of the fact that Grime is one of the realest and most authentic genres out there. Grime isn't yet as big as hip hop in Holland, but it feels like Grime in the Netherlands is looking up to his bigger brother and thinking like “I'll get you one day”…

Are there good Grime parties in Amsterdam? If not, we could use your talents in NYC.

Invite us out, bruv. We would love to merk a few sets out there in the NYC. Like I said before—we’ve been getting bookings for a Grimeyard set hosted by Zwart Licht, and it really is inspiring. It’s also triggering us to finally make a transition from Dutch music to stuff that we can push outside the borders.

Any new projects coming up? Will you come DJ in NYC?

There will be a new Zwart Licht album, really soon, and every ten shows we’ll invite different MC’s for a spray session. We might push some riddims from producer Hayzee through the show, as well as exclusive Zwart Licht snippets, for the whole world to hear, not just for Holland. And yes, we will come to NYC. Time will tell.


1. War - Novelist
2. SLO’s (Prod. Trends) - Mez
3. Run The Block - Bonkaz
4. Frontline 2015 - Newham Generals
5. Are You feat. Chip - Frisco
6. Way Too Much feat. Skepta - Fekky
7. 1 Sec - Novelist x Mumdance
8. Side By Side (Instrumental) - Sir Spyro
9. Pulse 8 - Mystry
10. Hoods Up - Jon E Cash
11. Got My Thing - Kahn & Neek
12. Step Off (Remix) - JLSXND7RS
13. Silo Pass (Sir Spyro Remix) - Bok Bok
14. The Message (Instrumental) - Trends
15. Shakey 2 - Rude Kid
16. Icemen (VIP) - Hayzee
17. Unchained Slaves - Spooky
18. Hannah Montana (Grime Refix) - Hayzee
19. Jordan Riddim - J Mixer
20. Lewisham Mcdeez (Instrumental) - The Square
21. New Era (Icepole Instrumental) - Wiley
22. Breski - Hayzee
23. $TACK$ (VIP) - C.Z.
24. Ackee Riddim - Rago Beats
25. Shotta (Instrumental) - Royal-T
26. Rhythm N Gash (Remix) - DJ Spyro
27. Double Bubble Trouble (Hayzee Grime Refix) - M.I.A & The Partysquad
28. Majik - Silkie
29. Summer Fruits - Swindle

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