For the latest installment of Heavy Set, Allday tapped French producer Emile C. of Figurative Records, an independent electronic label out of Montreal. Launched two years ago, Figurative’s artists make tracks even the most inexperienced techno listener can appreciate. Here, Emile C. puts the emphasis on “heavy” with almost 60 minutes of deep house and dance music to get your blood pumping. That means it’s time to set down that drink and hit the dance floor.

When did you get the idea to start Figurative Records?

Two years ago, when the Bacchanale arrived on the market, we saw the label Sprëe Factory arrived too. We went to their parties and we found that it was the same music we liked. One of our friends Com’Art was playing for them and so we just decided to create our own label as we loved the same kind of things. Here starts our adventure.

What are your musical inspirations?

My musical influences are various, from jazz, funk, disco, to rock’n’roll, but I also listen to classical music. My biggest inspirations at this time must be for instance Bill Evans, Pink Floyd, Rachmaninov... In terms of electronic music I like both house and techno, I like when tracks are intense and subtle. I don’t have any major artist inspiration in electronic music but I have been listening recently to producers like Mandar or Samo DJ.

What kind of events best reflect the Figurative identity? Does it evolve?

At the beginning, we did not have any type of events in mind. Indeed, we just wanted to play our music somewhere. So, we did a lot of different events. But now, we think that the type of event that fit our identity are events with a receptive crowd in an open-minded, energic and enthusiast atmosphere.

“My biggest inspirations at this time are Bill Evans, Pink Floyd, Rachmaninov...”

Where did you perform recently?

The last time I performed was a set in B2B with Matteo from Figurative in June, in a warehouse. We played disco and house, the place was nice, people were receptive so it was an enjoyable time! We enjoyed the fact that the Parisian Collective released the place of the event only a few hours before because in was a bit illegal. That’s why I cannot quote their name.

Do you have some projects in mind for after the summer?

After the summer we want to organize a label night for our first anniversary. Finally, we would like to participate to the new festival in Montréal from La Bacchanale, that is a famous event agency in Montréal.

What are the major differences between Montréal and Paris in terms of the music scene?

Concerning house and techno, the music scene is far more developed in Paris than in Montréal but the small size of events in Montréal can sometimes create a pleasant intimate feeling that is rather hard to find in Paris.


1. Untitled - Delroy Edwards
2. Formes - Lazare Hoche & Malin Genie
3. Thursday Night - DJ Bone
4. Peace Force - Mandar
5. Rave (Dirt Mix) - Head High
6. I Do - DJ Bone
7. Plan A - FJAAK
8. Always - Delroy Edwards
9. Still In Love (House version) - Meli’sa Morgan

Photo by Matthew Kelly.