Doom Dab DJs is comprised of three label heads: HD, AHARAW, and Billy Scher.

This Allday exclusive mix draws from the Doom Dab archive and our shared inspirations. On the eve of releasing AHBS’s debut LP Mate y Agave, the mix serves heavily Latin infused sonic concoction, filled with vibes we believe will rule dance floors and beach parties of summer '15.

You'll hear K Rizz’s seductive voice if you listen close enough. Her debut LP Wanted will be available on Doom Dab this summer. Tracks from Thurmon Green’s Adolphus, Jay Boogie’s Allure, and Stryker Matthews’ Shook EP are also a part of this soundscape.

1. Orion - Rodrigo y Gabriela
2. Tambores Escondidos feat. Cuareim 1080 - Lechuga Zafiro
3. Basura - AHBS
4. No Tellin (Weep Zouk Case Edit) - Weep
5. Voy - Imaabs
6. Cmon! - Erick Rincon
7. Get It - Jay Boogie 
8. Double U - Dark Sky
9. Prendelo ft. Erick Rincon & Missound - Chico Sonido
10. Shook EP Medley (Shook + Sticks + Skip) - Stryker Matthews
11. En Tu Casa - AHBS
12. The Grind (Billyon Remix) - Thurmon Green
13. Nos Porcos Não Crescerão Asas ft. Jeru Banto - Digitaldubs