Next installment of party-worthy mixtapes via our Heavy Set series courtsey of Diggy Lloyd. On a photography level, she has a knack for getting intimate with her subjects (a tip by former mentor, Mary Ellen Mark). Diggy's work has been shown in galleries all over the world.

Truly an aesthete, her world expands into music too - she's always on the town DJing parties and clubs. Follow her on soundcloud here, and keep that viual stimulation strong with her instagram and blogs: Ducky Hunt and Tumblr

What was the music scene like where you grew up?

My mom loves to dance and always played Michael, Janet, Marvin, Rose Royce. I use to steal her Pure Funk Collection cassettes and stash them in my American Girl furniture and listen to them on my walkman every night. Then we got a computer, Napster and LimeWire were total game changers, I worshiped TRL, Britney, BSB, Destiny’s Child.
Then I going to shows. All of the big acts played at Riverbend; Dave Matthew’s Band was the event of the summer. I even worked catering backstage and delivered a PB&J to Tom Petty once. It was mostly jam bands from there, Umphrey’s McGee, Moe, Jerry. Then someone gave me Illmatic…

When did you start getting into DJing/playing music for other people?

I have a playlist for any and every occasion. When I was in college my neighbor and friend would come over and do laundry because he liked the music I played at home. He asked me if I ever wanted to DJ. I said I never had, but would love to give it go. The next week we started throwing parties at Chole on Tuesday nights. Another friend of mine was a bartender down the street, and he would open the bar for me during the day so I had a place to practice, and get the feel of mixing.

If you could pick anywhere in the world to play a set this weekend, where would it be?

I would fast forward to the 4th of July, and have a huge clam bake/pig roast/bonfire in the spare lot behind my grandparent’s house in Virginia on the Chesapeake Bay. That place is magical...with ice cold Pony Miller High Lifes and rosé on tap. A killer sound system, and tag team DJ with some friends!

Does music have any influence on your photography or vice-versa?

Totally, they are interchangeable for me.

Or when you're shooting in studio, do you listen to music?

Always! When DJing you’re the one that controls the mood and vibe. Time location, people, lighting, booze, so many factors enhance that experience. But in the studio, I have to re-create that experience and tailor it to how I want the photographs to look and feel. In my opinion, the music on set can make or break the shoot. I always make a mix and or playlist in advance for every shoot, and think about whom I am shooting, and what songs we can connect on. DJing teaches you so much about reading a room. You see everything! I have to have that same awareness when making a picture.

"DJing teaches you so much about reading a room. You see everything! I have to have that same awareness when making a picture."

When did you start taking photos? And how did it lead into your career in photography?

I started taking pictures in high school, and my junior summer I lived in NYC and interned with Mary Ellen Mark. It was life changing, and I wanted to learn everything I could from her. I came back for college, and have never stopped taking pictures.

Do you have a favorite camera you like to shoot with? Any sort of subject matter you like to shoot the most?

Mamiya 7 II will always be my favorite. It’s such a sexy piece of equipment.
I do love a Yasicha T4, but always seem to leave them in cabs after late nights. My sister, hands down is my favorite subject to shoot. We are very close, and I love seeing that translate into an image.

In your personal opinion, what makes a good photo?

A spontaneous, honest moment.

Any cool projects you have coming up?

Yes! I’m working on an app that connects renewable energy generators to local consumers. We are going to launch in the spring!


1. Look At These Hoes - Santigold
2. Ecstasy - JJ
3. Motivation - Kelly Rowland
4. Spottieottiedopaliscious - Outkast
5. Doin' It - LL Cool J
6. Fantasy - Mariah Carey Ft. Ol' Dirty Bastard
7. The Boy Is Mine -  Brandy & Monica
8. Still Not A Player - Big Punisher
9. Black Sweat - Prince
10. Let's Get Married - Jagged Edge
11. Baby, Keep It Real - Kastle
12. Ain't That Some Shit - J Cole
13. 7/11 - Beyoncé
14. Overnight Celebrity - Twista