Co. Fee’s sounds are at once eclectic and familiar. A disciple of the once-thriving scene around Los Angeles’ Low End Theory (where producers like Fly Lo, Shlohmo, and Nosaj Thing cut their teeth) everything he touches chills right down. Catch the Heavy Set, interview and track list below.

First off, you rep L.A. Is that where you’re from originally?

I grew up in Diamond Bar. It's a small city about a half hour away from LA. I was driving back and forth to L.A. to go to shows. Going to shows out there had a huge influence on me musically, especially going to Low End Theory throughout the years.

Your music sounds very eclectic. There’s hints of sounds from all over the place. What are your inspirations beyond hip hop?

I’ve always been into a lot of indie rock, punk and post-punk stuff. From record digging I discovered really cool genres like exotica that still influence my music. Right now I’m really inspired by a lot of psychedelic music.

New artists you’re fucking with right now?

Don’t know if they’re all considered new but BadBadnotgood, TALA, Unlocking the Truth, Young Fathers, Melody’s Echo Chamber, Vince Staples, Warpaint, Evian Christ, Buscabulla. Those are the main ones I remember for now.

Does your haircut really look like your Soundcloud art?

Haha. No... me and my friend Matt Okeyo, who did the illustration, came up with the concept. It’s like a tribute to the Native Tongues era.

Playing in NY soon? Or anything else you want us to plug?

Don’t have NY shows for now but I’m always down to play out there. Planning on having some releases this year so look out for those.


1. Calabash – Co. Fee
2. Humble Mumble - Outkast
3. Try Counting Sheep - Black Sheep
4. Da Goodness - Redman feat. Busta Rhymes
5. No, No, No - Tony Touch feat. Heltah Skelta & Starang Wonduh
6. Where Do I Go (Madlib remix) - The Free Design
7. Campo Micachu - Toro Y moi
8. Clap Hands - Curly Teeth Beck
9. Chair Girl - Mutsumi
10. Mushroom - Can
11. Drop the Bomb (DJ Mehdi remix) - Bumblebeez
12. Rock and Roll - Edan feat. Dagha
13. Primor - Zavala
14. Stick Up - J-Zone
15. The Scoop - Beastie Boys
16. I Miss You (Sunshine mix) - Bjork
17. It's Gonna be Alright - DJ Mehdi