Multimedia artist MeLo-X can be called a music producer, a short filmmaker, a visual artist and photographer, with some singing mixed in as well. For this week’s Heavy Set, he shares an exclusive mix he calls “160 to Gweelos” as nearly every song in the mix runs at 160 bpm, including some remixes of artists like Sia and Willow Smith. And MeLo insists that “this must be played at 100% volume on the biggest speaker system in your city.”

First off, what’s the inspiration behind your name?

My name symbolizes the ying and yang in everyday life. I am mostly MeLo for the most part. But when I’m creating, performing or DJing, that X side shows itself. I didn’t realize the symbolic meaning of my name as a kid until I slowly grew into that person.

You’re a multimedia artist—working in photography, fashion, performance art, film and design in addition to your music. Do you think a multidisciplinary perspective is essential to standing out as an artist today?

I don’t think having a multidisciplinary perspective is essential for an artist to stand out, but in today’s climate where you can literally learn on your own and build a brand on your own it’s essential to understand different sides of your art and the business of art. Especially if you are an independent artist.  Every artist isn’t trying to stand out though. Some are very comfortable with just standing around.

“My name symbolizes the ying and yang in everyday life.”

Would you consider music your priority?

Creating is my priority.

We’re excited about the new EP. Tell us a little bit about it. What can we expect to hear?

The EP is an experience. For you to fully get the idea and concept of the piece you will have to engage with different aspects of the project. Before it is released I’ll have an assortment of ideas, exhibits, visuals and more that will build on the idea of curating your existence in our current creative and social climate. The EP is just a further extension of this idea.


1. SBTRKT & Sampha - Evening Glow
2. OG Maco - 12 Bricks
3. Jo Def - B Mine
5. Rae Sremmurd - No Type (Gravez Remix)
6. Traxman - Footworkin on Air
7. DJ Rashad - I'm Gone
8. Sepalcure - Love Pressure
9. DJ Rashad, Machinedrum & Nick Hook - Understand
11. Jaden Smith - Fast (Gravez-Remix)
13. SIA - Elastic Heart (Clams Casino Remix)
14.Teen Carnage - B.L.A.D.C.L.A.T
15. Raury - Cigarette Song (Snakehips Remix)
16. Willow Smith - Your Love V2