Fresh out of their old jobs at record label 300 Entertainment, creative duo and Virginia natives Uncle Arnold and Prophet Elijah put together a “breakup mixtape” to help ease the process of quitting. We talk to the duo about how they came together, and how they have no clue what the future holds.

Tell us a little about you two? where you guys come from and how you guys started working together?

We’re from Virginia and met in college. We hung in different circles but eventually crossed paths on 4/20 in our boy Vince’s dorm room who always had all the supplies to get lit. Blah blah blah we started working together like 3-4 years later and continued doing so since. Luckily, we ended up using our degrees in advertising/graphic design to make a living and ugh we recently resigned as creative & art director for 300 ent.

What is your process like when taking on a project?

It’s no different from anyone else’s. If the project isn’t a rush job, we enjoy putting a lot of time into research, digging, and building from there. Putting thought into every single detail conceptually from top to bottom, whether people notice it or not or care, is super important to us. Form and function are always the foundation. Everything has to have intent and purpose. Each element should tell bits of the story seamlessly or it should pay proper homage to the original reference. It really means a lot to us for the final execution to have been communicated effectively, solved a problem, and to just feel right. Timeless and honest, you know? It’s also exciting when one of our old ideas that wasn’t used comes back to life at the right moment. Integrity, being a fan, hating, anxiety, having fun, making jokes, talking shit to peers, and doing whatever is important too.

“Form and function are always the foundation [of our work.]”

Who was your favorite artist(s) to work with while you guys were at 300? any good stories?

Young Thug. He just gets it. Pitching the Barter 6 cover concept to Thugger on facetime was crazy. Reaching out and getting Sandy [Kim] to shoot it in Arizona and making the 3M poncho with Othelo Gervacio’s watercolor piece on it all happened in like 5 days. Bringing Migos to a 3D scanner for their album cover was cool. Doing projects with Lyor is pretty sick too. He knows what’s up and intuitively has good taste. Some of our best ideas that we pitched were shitted on by the marketing dept, but were eventually approved by that dude.

Can you tell us a little about the mix?

We quit our jobs and were going through a lot of different feelings—so we made a breakup mixtape. All the songs and skits are placed in a certain order to tell a story and based on our feelings before and after we quit. It sounds really good with this weather right now. Fall season is the best for music!

What does the future hold for you two? any plans or projects you can talk about?

No clue. People had a difficult time understanding that, but we kind of just quit with no plans. No jobs lined up. No 💸 $aved. Nothing. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Can you PayPal us $20 for pizza we’ll pay you back swear to God.

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