Our B-Sides this week features Hassan Rahim, a mixed media artist, independent publisher and art director from Los Angeles. Hassan has created great works for print, including his own imprint, Shabazz Projects, as well as art directing Iconograph and THVM Rag magazines. Hassan, who has exhibited his artwork in Los Angeles, Miami, Milan and Amsterdam, uses photography, collage and other media to evoke memories of childhood and adolescent fantasies.

Since we are such fans of his work, we asked Hassan to share some insights and images from his smartphone, and you can find more online and on his Instagram.

"The main thing about iPhone photography is that it must be spur of the moment. Rarely am I setting up a scenario or prop to capture a shot. The best part about it is capturing that fleeting moment."

"I don't think there are any themes in the photographs, but since I tend to pay attention to objects more than people, they end up being mostly still-lifes."