For our series Girls, Girls, Girls, photographer Emily Berl met up with Hannah Henderson, the effortlessly chic co-owner of The General Store in Venice, California. The General Store, which Hannah runs with her longtime partner John Moore, sells all sorts of artisanal goods, both vintage and new. The shop’s curated bohemian feel reflects Hannah’s own casual Californian style — vintage levis, overalls, flowing dresses.

Emily met Hannah at her shop and we asked her some questions about her personal tastes and what it takes to run a shop as cool as the General Store.

How did you first become involved with the General Store?

I met my partner Serena through my man a few years ago; she was providing art for a project he was working on and we really clicked.  We started talking about partnering on opening a General Store in my neighborhood — I knew my community would love it and was excited by the idea of bringing new LA artists into the mix.  Making it happen was a really organic process, we took our time, found the right space, built it out ourselves with the help of a few friends.

Was running a store something you always knew you wanted to do?

I actually never occurred to me to have a store.  The opportunity came about very naturally and seems so obvious now that this is what I would be doing.  I love it.

Your style is very simple and you wear a lot of denim. How is your own style reflected in what you sell in the store?

I think there's a sense of things being natural and comfortable in my style and in the store.  I like things to feel easy.  I love vintage and it's important to me that things are made well, locally and responsibly, and that probably comes through in both my clothes and the shop.

You have two kids. Has being a mother had any impact on your style?

I really wear the same things I always have — the only difference is now I think about how the kids will remember what I “used to wear" when they get big, the way I do with my mom.  They love when I wear flowy hippie dresses, which is amazing.

What thoughts run through your head when you consider buying an item for the store?

If it's something I love and would use it in my own life — I know it will be great in the shop.  Beauty and functionality is always a bonus.  We always consider where and how things are made and love to focus on California-made products.

What's your favorite thing the store currently sells?

So hard to choose!  I have a soft spot for California ceramics though.

What is one thing you think every home needs?


When you need a break, where is your favorite place to go?