What’s more appealing than a girl like this talking to you, and spending a sunny, carefree afternoon on a beach on the other side of the globe? The impossibility of sharing this moment with her, makes our desire sharper. So sharp, that we’re nearly caught in The Invention of Morel

For this installment of Girls Girls Girls, photographer Caroline Mackintosh and stylist Chrisna de Bruyn met up with the producer and model, Hannah Guest, on a deserted beach in Cape Town to capture the essence of Hannah’s daydream.

What is your biggest fear?

The act of human violence, it's horrifying. I can't watch, read or hear even the slightest slip of violence, even if it's fiction. My imagination runs wild to fill in the blanks and I'll spend weeks having nightmarish thoughts. I have to shield myself constantly. I still know what's going on in the world, I have to, but I try to live in my own utopia. For me, the best part of being a human is the ability to create my own reality, I use it to my advantage everyday.

What do you do during your downtime?

I've always needed space and time to just be, daydream and re-generate. When I was a kid no one ever explained to me that what I was doing was okay, I even labeled myself as lazy and unmotivated. I didn't know what an introvert was or recognize that I'm incredibly sensitive. Naturally downtime has become my "all the time." It's my main priority so I've worked out a life where I can chill and muse and find my happiness all day, everyday. My boyfriend and I run the production company The Aesthetic Consumer, Lyall's a Director and I am the company's Producer. We get to spend all of our time being creative and dreaming things up. It's all so naturally integrated I don't think I can even classify the necessary admin as work.

Favorite places to eat in Cape Town?

Being a Mid-Western American in Cape Town is tough, I've been ruined by the almighty greatness that is the 24-hour diner. Nothing like that exists here, nothing like anything I truly love about American dining exists here. But at least Lefty's does, a dive bar with burgers, Ramen and a playlist that Henry Rollins would be proud of. Rotis, samosas, biltong and Cape Malay curries and bobotie are my favorite local treats.

Favorite places to go out in Cape Town?

I'm the spoiled American in this area again, the first thing I do in a new city is find the best, cheapest, most entertaining bar. Lefty's will always be my first choice because it meets all of those criteria. The tiny bar The Power and The Glory is the popular go-to. If you can snag a seat you don't have to move the entire night and still hang out with a never-ending stream of friends and acquaintances.

Any secret spot?

Every Wednesday Lyall and I drive out to Rodger's Fruiterers, a little crunchy-granola organic produce stall in Kommetjie, about 45 minutes away from our house. The way there and back is Cape Town's most iconic and scenic drive along Chapman's Peak. All organic produce, handmade cheese, fresh juice and home made rotis are the end prize. Wednesdays are my little heaven day. I'd say though, that South Africa as a whole is my secret spot. It's a sprawling country of idyllic picnic spots, hidden cabins, hiking trails, natural wonder and special little farm stalls. That kind of beauty is 10 minutes from anywhere you're standing.

What do you listen to these days?

I don't drive so the last 12 years of my life have been spent walking from A to Z to the same albums I can't bring myself to delete off my iPod. I used to spend so much time alone so to end the silence I now have a band for every occasion. Walking in the day gets a pop punk favorite like New Found Glory or The Starting Line. I used to trudge through snow back home in Colorado so mellow bands like City and Colour and My Morning Jacket make me feel warm and fuzzy. I use all versions of hardcore to let out whatever angst I have, everything from Underoath on the pop end to Hot Cross on the post mathy end. There's like 20 sub-genres of hardcore music, all which branch into other genres I love like noise and math rock.

I could make the weirdest most extensive list of everything I'm listening to but it'd be a mess. I used to live in Monkey Mania, a now defunct legendary warehouse venue in Denver, where I was able to play with, host and watch my musical heroes and hundreds of little known bands. So I love when I find something special and rare, I don't just stick to mainstream indie. Because Colorado is THE pit stop for all touring bands I've been to thousands of shows from every genre out there. My favorite thing to do is find all the old bands that members of a band used to be in or follow their projects. 

What is your biggest inspiration?

The life Lyall and I have created and the constant need for space and art are the driving forces behind all things I find inspiring. Living in South Africa is like living a real life version of a Grimm's fairytale, the natural beauty is unreal but so are the heinous things that happen here. I'm so grateful to have found such a magical home that pushes me in so many ways. I'm constantly inspired by the passion and talents of friends and have always had an inherent need to facilitate their dreams. That motivated me to take the role of Producer seriously. It's the first position I've held that I can apply every part of my being to.

"Opportunities always pop up at the right time for me, but usually not in the form I was hoping."

When did you start modelling? Which project have you enjoyed the most?

I'm not actually a model, not in the traditional sense. Caroline is only the 3rd person I've allowed to take editorial type photos of me [for allday]. I happened to just be hanging around whenever Henrik (Purienne) and Lyall needed a model so that's how I ended up in those projects. Joining a modeling agency has always been presented as an option but I've never wanted to be model. When I lived in L.A. I couldn't bear the idea of being a waitress forever so I started my 5 year stint acting in TV commercials. The collective time I spent on sets and in casting rooms gave me a confidence I don't think I could have gained anywhere else. But it also made me realize I'd much rather work behind the scenes. That time gave me an invaluable perspective and all the knowledge I needed to do what I do now with The Aesthetic Consumer.

"My dreams have their own timeline and plans of being realized."

I've got a big folder of dream projects I want to produce in all different realms and arts. Opportunities always pop up at the right time for me, but usually not in the form I was hoping, so I generally just leave my dreams out there and wait because they have their own timeline and plans of being realized.

If you could go back, which era would you live in?

I wish I was only about 10 years older. And only for the sake of being able to see bands and be part of a scene I missed out on because I was too young.

5 things you couldn't live without?

I think 4 out of 5 are splayed across this interview: Music, natural wonders, organic foods and space to dream. I take evening primrose oil and vitamin D3 everyday, so that'd have to be my 5th, to keep my body and mind happy.