San Diego-based Hamburger Eyes began as a small-press xerox zine, which then turned into a full-on photo magazine and community, and has since evolved into its own publisher for independent artist titles. With their own professional facilities, they are producing scores of titles each year, as well as limited-run gelatin prints.

Having produced a three-book box set with the 8-Ball Zine Fair, each title serves as a collaboration between two emerging photographers — and all are available at a very limited release (images of which you can see here).

We were able to catch up with Hamburger Eyes to ask them five random questions, as they launch this latest release tonight at The Newsstand, from 7-9pm.

Name one old and one new San Francisco street photographer?
I would say... Ted Pushinsky and Andrea Sonnenberg.

Name three un-missable summer movies?
1. Terminator
2. Blade Runner
3. Weird Science

Name three un-missable photography books?
1. Lee Friedlander, “Like A One-Eyed Cat”
2. Bill Owens, “Suburbia”
3. Basically any Garry Winogrand book

What are the three books with 8-Ball about?
The 3-book box set was a collaborative idea. We thought it would be cool to showcase these different photographers — Guido Gazzilli with Nick Sethi, Ted Pushinsky with John Oliver Hodges, Shinji Abe with Hoshi Haruto — people working from all around the world, and put them together in one package.

Who is Hamburger eyes?
Hamburger Eyes is for anyone who is stoked.