Photographer Helmut Newton shot a series of photos he called “Naked and Dressed” for French and Italian Vogue in the early 80s. Each piece was presented as a pair—one photo of a model fully-clothed, and another of her, well, naked, in the exact same position. These shots are spectacular, sexy, and really freaking beautiful. 

It was work like this that made the sterile pages of fashion magazines a little dirtier, and it made Newton one of the most original and interesting fashion photographers of his time.

But, there’s a catch. While Newton’s work is truly amazing, it’s close to untouchable—a product of a different time and lifestyle and reality that I know absolutely nothing about. Though I can honestly say I love his work, it’s shrouded behind a mask of glamour and fashion that leaves me feeling like a Chateau Marmont landscaper peering desperately through the shrubbery to catch a glimpse of Newton’s bodacious babe of a model, rather than a fellow hotel guest observing the scene poolside.

So I gave Newton’s concept a New York City makeover. You know, for people like you and me.

This is “Naked and Dressed” with a personal, perhaps more intimate touch.

I replaced the fashion models with my friends. I replaced the Italian villas with my friends’ apartments. And I replaced the designer clothing and full-on nudity with random matching sets and socks and underwear—because I think that’s all much more realistic, you know?

And who am I?

I’m certainly not Helmut Newton, that’s for sure.