Here a selection of shows from Radio Muddguts 41, the radio station I started at the Muddguts gallery, and still broadcast live from after the closing, mostly from our new location at the Good Company, on Allen Street in downtown Manhattan. The first two shows I decided to select are Empty Minds and Blunt Guts.

Empty Minds is our regular Monday show, once broadcasted at 10pm, it now is on air at 11am. Selectors of this show are divided in teams of two, one to play each week: Ted Turner and Matt Creed, Bobby Strickland and Alston Paresa. All four DJs are vinyl collectors of various types of music, mostly soul and jazz, with some modern new wave and indie influences.

Blunt Guts are Kumasi and JP, owners of The Good Company, are also the guys who lent us the new location. The show is up every Friday from 6pm, and it's mostly Rap and RNB, with a little twist.

Empty Minds' Show
Blunt Guts' Show