We chat with Emanuele Ferrari, the man behind the Italy-based publication Nextdoormodel for the new issue, dedicated to Los Angeles. Enjoy a first look at the issue with images unseen elsewhere.

How did Nextdoormodel start?

Nextdoomodel was born two years ago here in Milan as a photographic personal project. Last year Nextdoormodel became a magazine print and digital.

How would you describe the mood and role of the magazine?

We are only a photo magazine. We want to publish the works of the best photographers around the world. It is not our intention to fill any gap.

Is Editor-in-Chief at the magazine your main job?

Not only. My main business is to be a photographer… Trying to be... 

You shoot for the magazine also. What mood are you usually on a shoot?

I’m happy because I’m doing what I like most. I think that this state of mind is the best to get good photos.

How do you see the future of fashion editorial?

I think the fashion editorial should evolve. As in all sectors we need to look at the future.

What publications are your references?

My reference publications are Mirage by Henrik Purienne, Polanski and Odiseo.

What’s next for you and the magazine?

The prospects are to improve always. For me as photographer to work better and better, for the magazine to publish  the best photographers in the world.

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